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I was born and raised in West Covina, California, to a loving family who nurtured my interest in problem solving. I grew up playing both indoors and out, where I would play Pokémon while going out and catching bugs with my friends. These seemingly opposite hobbies of mine persist to this day! Its funny how I enjoy games such as Super Smash Brothers or The Legend of Zelda, but I still take the time to nurture my guitar skills, go hiking with friends, and go skating from time to time.

My love for engineering came about in high school, when I joined Team 968 RAWC, the Robotics Alliance of West Covina. In that team I learned to mill, to lathe, to solder, to CAD, to have fun while building things, to work as a team, and so much more. I was exposed to a new world of discovery and satisfaction through that organization. I can still remember the feeling of making my first gearbox in CAD, and finally seeing it function smoothly in person. The feeling of making a working robot, the feeling of accomplishment. Today, I am working towards making design my career by majoring in mechanical engineering at UCLA.

It is as such that I chose to become a mechanical engineer, because it fulfills my creativity, and serves as an outlet to exercise my imagination. To me, mechanical engineering is a fine discipline that requires accuracy and precision to create things we can only dream about. To have abstract ideas come to life into something I can hold in my hands, that it incredible. That dream becoming a reality is what amazes me, and draws me to work as hard as I can to realize as many of those ideas as possible.

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