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ASME X1 Robotics

In my freshman year at UCLA I joined the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) at UCLA, as a part of the X1 Robotics team. In my sophomore year I became a subteam lead, overseeing the development of a subassembly. Now, in my junior year, I've become the X1 Robotics lead, managing the team and leading everyone in making this years robot. 

X1 Robotics is a student run team where the members decide on a passion project to create over the year. That goal was what hooked me, and I joined as soon as I found out about it. 

In my first year I was heavily involved in most of the mechanical design of the Guardian. Taking inspiration from the video game The Legend of Zelda, it is a hexapedal robot that is able move and track a target at the same time. From the turret to the pan and tilt gimble used to track a target, I designed and fabricated each part through 3D printing. I've also learned a lot about programming, helping out with the manipulation of servos through a Raspberry Pi Zero.

As a sophomore in X1 I took on a lot more responsibility as a subteam lead. I led a team of students on a larger project, the BruinBot (inspired by the Kiwibot). I worked on the suspension and drivetrain assembly, and learned a lot about stress simulations through FEA. I also helped out in the redesign of the Guardian, giving suggestions to the chassis and targeting systems.

That leads us to today, as a junior I've become the lead of our robotics team. I do a lot more managerial work now, yet I still make sure involve myself in the fabrication and design of our projects. I provide advice and give pointers to design considerations, as well as will oversee the revamp of the BruinBot, and will choose the next project that we build!

X1 Robotics has been an amazing experience for me, both as a creative outlet and as an opportunity to develop my skills. I've learned much from this team, from programming in Python/MATLAB, to becoming comfortable with finite element analysis, to managing a team of peers! I continue to look forward to the year, and will try to implement some improvements I think can be done (incorporating part numbers and team integration)! Look forward to seeing what I'll do next!

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Guardian Rendering.JPG
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